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Finding your Mojo – by Amanda Fletcher, Healthy Behaviour

Well, I don’t know if it is the same for you but I have just had roughly 10 days off hanging out with kids, family and friends.  So much fun, we were out of routine – slept in a little, didn’t do an enormous amount of exercise and just really ate what we felt like.  We were away from our home and enjoyed kicking back and having some yummy treats and hanging out together.  We all needed a little time out.  Being out of routine is great but then it’s always great getting back into routine.

So getting back into a routine for me means getting back into looking after myself, planning ahead and getting focused.  That means meal planning, stocking my fridge and pantry with healthy treats and snacks for the kids to enjoy, being organised and generally focusing on the nutritional health of my family.  Not to say that I don’t in the holidays but I do slacken off a little, that’s life!

Do you meal plan?  It’s the only way to go I think!!!!  Keep it simple, during the week.  The days that I have some time to be in the kitchen I give a bit more love and care into what the family has but on those days were we are walking in the door at 6:30 at night… I just make sure that they have lots of veggies (my number 1 rule), a good source of protein (egg, chicken, fish, steak – something that doesn’t take long to cook or is left over from the night before) and a small amount of starchy carbohydrates.  I like to fill everyone up on the veggies before the starchy carb just to make sure they do eat the fresh vegetables.  It’s all too common the saying but “I’m full, I couldn’t possibly fit another thing in”…

So, my meal plan this week looks like this:

Tuesday night:                  Salmon with roasted cauliflower, sweet potato, broccoli, spinach with tamari and sesame seeds                                                  dressing

Wednesday night:           Egg with salad (it’s a late night for me)

Thursday night:                Spag bol with a stack of veggies in the bolognaise

Friday night:                      Home-made pizzas with delicious salad that the kids love

Saturday:                           Slow cooked lamb with amazing salad

Sunday:                              My husband has a go and cooking something delicious and nutritious from my Health in a Box                                                     recipes, can’t wait.

Have you done your meal plan?  Getting back into routine can feel liberating as you are once again in control…

Give it a go!


Amanda x