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Nourishing the Body

imag0906As far as food is concerned winter is a time when comfort food is so delicious and sleeping in is so easy as it’s ‘Cold Outside’.  With my training, I decided to be quiet strict with what I ate, I ensured I had lots of good quality monounsaturated fats (nuts, avocado, extra virgin olive oil), coupled with a palm size portion of meat and lots of vegetables (cooked or raw) and then I would sometimes add some starchy carbohydrate depending on when I was training.  I restricted refined sugar, gluten and alcohol, and focused on increasing the complex carbohydrates it was interesting how good I felt both mentally and physically.  I had no brain fog, I slept like a baby and I had more energy for each day which enabled me to fit so much more into my day.  Eating the right food is so important to the person that you are, if you can just change one habit you aren’t happy with then you are doing yourself a great favor.  Keep motivated, focus on the good nourishing foods that help with your mental and physical ability to be you!!!  I promise you will love the results.

by Amanda Fletcher