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About Amanda

Amanda Fletcher

Amanda Fletcher

Amanda is a qualified clinical nutritionist, who is committed to helping you find your real food passion. I believe that as individual’s food affects each of us differently, what works for one person may not work for another. I want to guide you so that you can find your real food passion (throw away the packet stuff!). My qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Bachelor of Science (major in physiology).

In more detail….
I am a qualified and practicing nutritionist with a passion for cooking with real food. I began my journey when I was at university where I completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in physiology. I was privileged enough to do work experience at a health retreat in the hinterland behind the Gold Coast, for five weeks…this is where my passion for food and good health was really ignited.

Before lighting this flame I travelled the world, back packed here there and everywhere, did a ski season in France, ate too much baget au fromage, worked in the UK and sat on the beach in Thailand. I returned to Australia feeling “so worldly” (but I really wasn’t at all) but still my passion was sitting there waiting for me to access it!

I feel into a job working in an Investment Bank, I was making money…fantastic! Bonus’s year in, year out, paying off my debt, working towards more fantastic travelling experience’s. However my passion still had not yet been ignited.

I married and moved overseas once again, travelling with my husband. We found ourselves living and making money on a little island in the Caribbean, we had a son. He soon turned into a toddler and BANG the flame was ignited…

I started studying again! An Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine. It took me a while to complete, I had another three pregnancies and two more wonderful children (little girls)…. My life has become crazy busy hectic but my passion for wholefoods is like a burning cauldron, I love it and feel so passionate about feeding and teaching the next generation about the right way to tackle food.

I like the idea of preparing whole food, real food….not packaged food….I can show you how to bring these foods into your life in a simple and accessible way…good, whole food doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time to prepare.

My philosophy is eat real food, eat whole food to live a happy, healthy and wholesome life – you, your loved ones and especially your kids deserve it! Our society is one about convenience, is about the latest fad diet, I want to help you understand that nutrition is so much more than counting calories.