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Amanda, thank you for sharing your expertise and advice with us.  You communicated really well with Charlotte (aged 13) and your message was well received by her (& the whole family).Your passion and enthusiasm was evident.  Thanks again!

GB, Port Macquarie

My 13 year old son was overweight and it was impacting on his self-esteem and self-belief. We have a history of type 2 diabetes in my family and I was worried that this would be his fate too.  Amanda has educated us about the importance of eating the right foods, taken us on a shopping tour, given us meal plans and delicious healthy recipes. The change in my son has been incredible, he has lost 9 ½ kg’s and is so happy now, he is my easiest child now.

BK, Port Macquarie

I came to visit Amanda as I was not feeling happy about my weight, having suffered from an eating disorder earlier on in my life. I was in need of some help.  Amanda was able to educate me about food and nourishing my brain and my body.  I was always concerned about counting calories and didn’t value the health benefits of eating real foods.  Over time Amanda has educated me, provided me with an individualised meal plan and recipes to suit my likes and dislikes.  I have lost 6kgs and feel great. I now look at food in a different way, no longer counting calories, instead looking at the benefits that certain types of foods can give me.

NC, Port Macquarie

I came to see Amanda after being hospitalised with Diverticulitis (a serious digestive disorder).  I had been to see other experts in the field without much guidance or support.  Amanda showed me just how manageable life can be with diverticulitis.  Amanda educated me about which foods would support my diverticulitis and my general health.  Amanda provided recipes, meal plans and one on one guidance.  I would recommend Amanda to anyone.

Dee, Port Macquarie

Amanda is a lovely professional operator who I would have no hesitation in recommending.

Grant Burtenshaw

Healthy Behaviour