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Tips for a stress free Christmas

Most people love Christmas, it’s a time for celebrating, a time for sharing, a time for giving and a time for loving.  However, for some it’s hard.  Whether that is from a financial point of view or an emotional point of view, we all have our personal experience of what Christmas means to us.

healthy-behaviour-christmas-timeSome can find this time of year stressful – you may think I always spend too much money or I always put on weight at this time of year or I tend to feel blue at this time of year.  Below are a few tips on how to stop placing such emotional pressure on yourself this festive season.

1st Tip

Be Mindful: Be mindful not only for yourself but of those around you.  If you notice a friend or colleague being distant/quiet or not quit themselves, remind yourself everyone has a different journey to take over the Christmas period.  Take time out of your day and make time for them, sometimes that’s all people need is someone they can talk to.healthy-behaviour-mindfullness

If you over indulge (lets’ face it we all do around this time of year), don’t judge yourself but be mindful of what’s gone in… If you had three lots of deserts at lunch, then ask yourself do I need that extra slice of pudding at dinner time?  Same goes for alcohol, if you have more than your fare share in one day be mindful and think that you may not need that extra beer or that extra champagne the following day.  Perhaps consider something that could be more refreshing and cleansing for your liver – perhaps a veggie Juice with lots of parsley, beetroot and ginger!!!

2nd Tip

Move: get out there and move your body… anyway you can.  Arrange to meet a friend a relative someone.  If you can’t keep yourself accountable then arrange to meet someone this tends to hold you accountable for your actions, you can’t let that person down and not meet them.  healthy-behaviour-move-itGo for a walk, go for a swim, take your family to the beach, play tennis do something that involves moving the blood around the body.  Any type of physical activity will lead to a happier healthier you.  When we over indulge we always feel tired and lethargic, moving increases your energy levels and your endorphin levels… we feel good and love the company of a friend or family member.

3rd Tip

healthy-behaviour-hydrationHydration: I know you’ve heard it 1,000 times before but the more hydrated you are the better you will feel over the festive period.  Every cell in our body needs water to function, did you know that 60% of every cell in your body is made up of fluid.  If we don’t have enough fluid in our system then our cells, our organs and our body can’t function at their optimum capacity.  We can go without food but we can’t survive a day without water… Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!!!!  Give it a go, I love H2O!!!


4th Tip

Plan Ahead: with whatever you are doing plan ahead.  If you know you are going out for dinner and drinks think about what you are going to have for breakfast and lunch… If you have too many presents to buy then start thinking about them now – don’t leave it to the last minute.  If Christmas is a hard time for you emotionally have something organised… don’t be left high and dry on Christmas Eve/Day or whenever it is that you don’t feel great.  Make sure you are going to have company.

5th Tip

Smile and have fun…. Enjoy the festive season and remember everything should be done in moderation!  Merry Christmas! xxx