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Welcome to 2017 – By Amanda Fletcher

Well, here we are, another year older and wiser, and once again feeling motivated to take on the new year with renewed vigor and enthusiasm to achieve our next dream or goal…..

Have you come up with any New Year’s resolutions?  The common chat amongst my friends is that they are going to lose weight this year.  To do this they might cut out the bread, the pasta, the dairy, the sugar and the alcohol.  It all sounds like a ‘cleansing’ thing to do, but if other years are anything to go by it is likely to be difficult to maintain for any length of time….

My tip for losing weight is ‘write it down’.  Be honest and write down what you’ve eaten for the day, then look at it and assess.  Ask yourself the question ‘Is this a stretch from the truth?’ or are you happy with what you have said you have eaten today.  Remember, even when you are starving at 6pm after getting home from work, it is important to write down everything that you put in your mouth.  I guarantee you won’t eat as much as you would normally eat.  Then ask yourself did I really need that food?  Or was I eating out of habit? Another tip is to keep healthy snacks in your cupboard at all times – so that when you do feel like the urge to eat after work you can snack on a healthy option (think carrots and hummus), not a sugar or saturated fat option.Image result for image carrot and hummus

Another very important tip to remember is that there is no one size fits all solution to your weight loss, don’t compare.  What may have worked for a colleague/partner or friend may not work for you.  We are all different and our bodies respond differently to food types.  This is due to your gut biome and your genetic make-up.

It is also important to remember that marketing can lead you down the wrong garden path.  Just because the packaging says that the Superfood gives you the antioxidants that will rid you of your free radicals that doesn’t mean you need to over indulge on the goji berries to make up for the jelly babies you ate earlier on in the day.  Be sensible, go for variety and portion control.  Set the foundations for your year ahead, start thinking and eating about food the right way.

If you need a little more guidance with your food choices, please call Amanda at Healthy Behaviour.

Have a great day!